Welcome to Warrior-Scholar Online University

Warrior Scholar Online University (WSU) consists of online training and courses to help expand your martial arts training in the Dojang (studio). Each course will have an online test that needs to be passed in order to complete rank requirements.


Personal Transformation Mastery 

  • Guide 1 The Science of Motivation
  • Guide 2 Ending Procrastination
  • Guide 3 Overcoming Fear
  • Guide 4 Boosting Self Confidence
  • Guide 5 A Healthier You
  • Guide 6 Creating Powerful Habits
  • Guide 7 Creating a Meaningful Life
  • Guide 8 Mastering your Mind
  • Guide 9 Goal Setting Made Simple
  • Guide 10 Mental Clarity


Martial Art

Self Improvement

  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Memory Mastery
  • The psychology of interpersonal conflict
  • Dealing with Stress
  • The Organized mind
  • Leadership development
  • Kaizen – Growth through continuous self improvement


  • Mastering your energy
  • Basic Acupressure for health and ailments
  • The Wellness Warrior (herbal healing recipes)
  • The Warrior-Scholar Health Exercises
  • The No diet, diet